County Administrator

Mission Statement

Directs and oversees the implementation of the Board of County Commissioners’ (BOCC) policies to all county departments/divisions, as prescribed by the BOCC and Administrative Codes. Directs and oversees day-to-day operations of county government.


Citizen input shape's the county's focus. Visit to find information on how you can participate in your local government.

Be Responsible and Accountable:

  • Fiscal Responsibility - Exercise conservative financial management with the majority of resources directed to the most important services that our government provides, while seeking viable new sources of revenue.
  • Culture of Engagement - Promote an environment where residents feel they can make a difference and work in partnership with others to understand and address pressing public issues. Continue to work on making County offices more citizen- and business friendly and providing ample opportunities for citizen involvement.
  • Public Stewardship and Accountability - Act responsibly with the planning and management of our County resources.

Provide Essential Services and Support

  • Services - Provide high quality, effective and efficient services to all stakeholders. Explore alternative approaches that would allow the County organization to operate in a more business-like fashion
  • Education - Provide educational resources, learning opportunities and training.
  • Public Safety - Maintain Calvert County as a safe and healthy place to live, work and play
  • Roads & Infrastructure - Maintain our roads, bridges, water and sewerage infrastructure as well as other long-term physical assets and facilities.
  • Parks & Recreation - Provide opportunities for leisure activities, including making the best possible use of the golf course and the indoor pool.

Work to Preserve Calvert County

  • Environment, Heritage and Rural Character - Create a sense of place, reflect the character, history and natural environment of the community.
  • Growth Management & Land Preservation - Maintain the rural character through effective growth management with a proactive and consistent planning approach. Look at ordinances that impact growth outside of the town centers.

Provide Opportunities for Residential Growth and Economic Development

  • Homeownership - Promote homeownership by providing assistance to our citizens through Homestead and Homeowner Tax Credit programs as well as our House Keys 4 Employees program.
  • Economic Development - Pursue many avenues of economic development to incentivize sustainable development while remaining a business-friendly community to small businesses, the farm and forestry community and corporations alike.

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