Voting Process

Board of County Commissioners

A law passed in 2013 changing how the Commissioner candidates run for office. When filing, they now must declare for which election district they are running - District 1, 2, or 3 - or “At Large.”

However, the voting process did not change. They are still voted countywide, which means eligible voters may vote for any of the Commissioner candidates, regardless of the district in which you live.

Board of Education

The Board of Education consists of five members - one from each of the three election districts and two “at large.” Candidates for the Board of Education run as non-partisan. Political affiliation will not appear on the ballot. All voters are eligible to vote for board of education candidates, regardless of political affiliation or election district. Their terms are staggered, such that elections are held every two years. In 2024, voters will select members for the three district seats.