Commendations or Complaints

Quality Law Enforcement

The Calvert County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to providing the finest law enforcement service to the community. In order to continue to provide quality service to the community, we need your assistance. Sheriff Evans encourages you to let him or any member of his command staff know about the quality of service you receive from the employees of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office.


If you wish to commend the actions of an employee or employees of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, you may do so by writing a letter to the Sheriff or any member of his command staff. Verbal commendations may also be given to any agency supervisor.


Prior to registering a complaint, you may find answers to your questions by accessing Frequently Asked Questions about the Complaint Process.

If you believe that the conduct of an employee of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office was inappropriate or criminal in nature, you may request to speak to a supervisor, any member of the command staff, or the Office of Professional Standards. If you wish to file a written complaint against an employee of the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office, you may come to the Sheriff’s Office and request to speak to a supervisor, at which time you will be provided with the Calvert County Sheriff’s Office Complaint Against Personnel form. You may complete the report and leave it, or complete it at another time, and return it by mail or in person.

 In accordance with the Law Enforcement Officers Bill of Rights a complaint against a law enforcement officer that alleges brutality in the execution of the law enforcement officer’s duties may not be investigated unless the complaint is signed and sworn to, under penalty of perjury, by:

  • The aggrieved individual;
  • A member of the aggrieved individual’s immediate family;
  • An individual with firsthand knowledge obtained because the individual was present at and observed the alleged incident; or 
  • Has a video recording of the incident that, to the best of the individual’s knowledge, is unaltered; or 
  • The parent or guardian of the minor child, if the alleged incident involves a minor child.

A complaint alleging brutality must be filed within 366 days after the alleged brutality.

If you do not wish to make a complaint against an employee in person, you may request a Complaint Against Personnel Form be mailed to you for your completion.  If you are unable to pick up a form, you may call the Office of Professional Standards at 410-535-2800, or print the  Complaint Against Personnel form, complete and return it.

Annual Statistical Summary

The Calvert County Sheriff's Office compiles an annual statistical summary, based upon records of internal affairs investigations. This summary is available to the public under the Sheriff's Office web page under the Citizen & Internal Complaints tab.