Heritage Committee

Old Wallville School
Wallville 1994
Wallville Marker
Wallville Reconstructed


The Committee acts in an advisory body to the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) by identifying ways to increase public awareness of Calvert County's rich historical and cultural heritage and promotes the diversity of the historical and cultural resources of Calvert County.


There shall be 11 members appointed by the BOCC, including a representative of the BOCC and one advisory member (no voting privileges). The term of each member shall be three years.


  • Harry Wedewer, Chair 
  • Alicia Abresh 
  • Andrew Clark 
  • Esther Rimer
  • Bryce Della 
  • John Johnson 
  • Patricia Melville 

Open Meetings

  • 5 p.m.
  • Third Thursday of every other month
  • Meetings are held via teleconference, email Summer Roen for more information.

Open Meeting Statement

The Heritage Committee complies with the Open Meetings Act - agendas and minutes for our monthly meetings available on the Agenda and Minutes.

Annual Report


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Heritage Committee Photography Contest Winners for 2022

Each year the Calvert County Heritage Committee sponsors a photography competition to support awareness of the historical and cultural heritage of Calvert County. Below are the winning entries for 2022. Congratulations to these students on their fine work!

Elementary School Division Winners

First Place Winner

Musser, Madison Photo - First Place - Elementary - Chesapeake Bay

Chesapeake Bay

Photo by Madison Musser
Plum Point Elementary School

Middle School Division Winners

First Place Winner

Robinson, Steven Photo - First Place - Middle - Chesapeake Beach Railway

Chesapeake Beach Railway

Photo by Steven Robinson
Windy Hill Middle School

Second Place Winner

Smith, Kaiden Photo - 2nd Place - Middle - Crab Pot

Crab Pot

Photo by Kaiden Smith
Windy Hill Middle School

Third Place Winners

Kline, Megan Photo - 3rd Place - Middle - Tylers Tackle Shop

Tyler's Tackle Shop

Photo by Megan Kline
Windy Hill Middle School

Wilson, Ashley Photo - 3rd Place - Middle - Lore Oyster House

Lore Oyster House

Photo by Ashley Wilson
Calvert Middle School

Honorable Mention

Simmons, Cayleigh Photo - Honorable Mention - Middle - Fallen Tobacco Barn

Fallen Tobacco Barn

Photo by Cayleigh Simmons
Windy Hill Middle School

Allen-Lewis, Nash Photo - Honorable Mention - Middle - Chesapeake Beach

Chesapeake Beach

Photo by Nash Allen-Lewis
Windy Hill Middle School