Sometimes the map is slow. Can I do anything about it?
The greatest influence on speed of the map is the speed of your Internet connection. You may be able to speed things up a little by using the legend to turn off any layers you are not currently viewing. For example; if you are currently looking at the street map, then in the legend dialog box ensure that the 2007 aerial photography is turned off.

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1. What is GIS
2. When I open the map, I see the header and zoom bar, but no map.
3. Sometimes the map is slow. Can I do anything about it?
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5. Why doesn't anything happen when I turn on a layer listed under Map Layers?
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8. Why in the map is the address on my house different from the one listed on my tax record?
9. How accurate are the property lines?
10. Information on my tax record is incorrect. Can you fix it?
11. My property lines and address appear in the base map, but my house does not.
12. Is the aerial photography real time?
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15. Is it possible to download the data in this map in a GIS or CAD format?