Did the BOCC change requirements for developers when building apartments/townhomes in town centers?
Yes, but with input from the agriculture and development communities. In 2013, prior to the current board taking office, the Agricultural Preservation Advisory Board prepared a draft list of suggested program changes for Transferrable Development Rights (TDRs), which included:

-- “…scale TDRs to match the type of development and require perhaps one TDR for an apartment, two for a condo, three for a duplex and five for single family residences.”
-- The Prince Frederick Town Center charrette report made several key recommendations, one of which was to reform the TDR program

Based on growing concerns about the TDR program, in 2015 the Department of Planning & Zoning held several joint meetings with the agricultural and development community to discuss TDRs. To make certain that all there was even representation from both the development and agricultural community, four representatives were chose from each of the communities that included: Susie Hance-Wells, Wilson Freeland, Hagner Mister and Steve Oberg (agriculture); and Randy Barrett, Rick Bailey, Rodney Gertz and Anthony Williams (development). The group’s recommendations were presented to the Board of County Commissioners in May 2015; the new regulations were adopted and became effective in November of 2015. The group’s recommendations followed the process for zoning ordinance text amendments, including agency review, public hearing, recommendation by the Planning Commission and adoption by the BOCC.

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