Public Works

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  1. Department Overview
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The Department of Public Works manages capital construction projects and maintains the public infrastructure and transportation system. They are comprised of six divisions:

  • Engineering/Capital Projects Division develops and manages proposals and contracts for highway maintenance and capital projects. The division also reviews residential, institutional, and commercial plans for subdivisions, reviews building, and grading permits, and administers public works agreements.
  • Project Management Division supervises all road and bridge construction and maintenance projects. The division also works closely with the Engineering/Capital Projects Division to coordinate road development and stormwater management/grading inspections and for the collection and monitoring of bonds.
  • General Services Division provides building and grounds support, fleet maintenance, mosquito Control, mailroom services, and real property management support.
  • Highway Maintenance Division maintains approximately 900 lane miles of county roads. 
  • Solid Waste and Recycling Division maintains and operates the landfills, solid waste collection system, and recycling. 
  • Water and Sewer Division maintain and operates the county's public water and sewer facilities.

Within these divisions, the department develops, coordinates, issues, evaluates and monitors proposals and contracts for capital projects and highway maintenance.  They also maintain and operate the landfill, the solid waste collection system, the recycling program, and the county’s public water and sewer facilities.

Quick Contact Numbers

Division Number
Engineering Transportation 410-535-2204
Project Management 410-535-2204
Water and Sewer 410-535-1600, ext. 2554
Highway Maintenance 410-535-0905
Solid Waste 410-326-0210
Fleet Maintenance 410-535-0167
General Services 410-535-1600, ext. 2327