Other County Officials

Additional County Representatives

  • Board of Health
    The County Commissioners constitute the Board of Health. The Board of Health appoints the county health officer with the advice and consent of the secretary of health and mental hygiene.
  • Board of Education
    The Board of Education is elected in much the same way as the Board of County Commissioners. Voting is countywide. However, they are elected for a four-year term on a staggered basis.
  • Mark S. Chandlee, Mark Carmean, and Andrew S. Rappaport - Judges of the Circuit Court
    Circuit Court judges appoint necessary court employees, sit as judges of the court in all civil and criminal cases within the county, and sit as judges in Juvenile Court (except in certain custody cases).
  • Ricky Cox - Calvert County Sheriff 
    The Calvert County Sheriff is the chief executive law enforcement officer for the primary law enforcement agency within the territorial boundaries of Calvert County. The sheriff manages the crime and traffic enforcement efforts, crime prevention, and control efforts and coordinates law enforcement activities within Calvert County. The sheriff has direct responsibility for court and judicial security and overall responsibility for county jail operations.
  • Robert H. Harvey, Jr. - State's Attorney
    The State’s Attorney is the highest elected law enforcement officer in Calvert County. The office is responsible for the prosecution of all criminal and serious traffic offenses in Calvert County.
  • Thomas M. Pelagatti, Theodore Philip LeBlanc and Leslie M. Downs - Judges of the Orphan's Court
    The judges of the Orphan's Court have jurisdiction over estates of deceased persons, hear all controversial matters involving estates and have concurrent jurisdiction with the Circuit Court in guardianship of minors.
  • Margaret H. Phipps - Register of Wills
    The register of wills is responsible for administration of all estates. The register also admits wills to probate; appoints personal representatives; audits accounts; determines / collects fees, costs, and state inheritance tax; maintains all records and a depository for wills of the living; and acts as clerk to Orphan's Court.
  • Kathy Smith - Clerk of the Circuit Court
    The clerk of the Circuit Court maintains court records and dockets; records deeds, mortgages and other legal instruments; issues various licenses; administers oath of office to elected officials; and acts as clerk for the Juvenile Court.
  • Nova Tracy-Soper - Treasurer
    The treasurer collects, has custody of, and disburses county funds.