School Liaison Deputy Program

Under a mutual agreement with the Calvert County Board of Education, the Calvert County Sheriff's Office currently has eight deputies as school liaison deputies. They primarily work in the County high schools and middle schools, but may also spend time in the elementary schools.

The school liaison deputy is an important part of the Agency's delinquency prevention strategy and mentorship program. It is an education and proactive initiative to intervene in juvenile delinquency before it becomes problematic. It is also a quasi-mentorship program to foster positive relationships between the police and youth, as well as an added educational resource in our schools. The School Liaison Program provides a forum through which students, parents, faculty, and law enforcement can become acquainted, and as a result earn mutual respect.

Our school liaison deputies and the schools where they are assigned are as follows:

Corporal Glenn Libby, Supervisor
Email Glenn Libby

Deputy First Class Wes Beisel, Northern High School
Email Wes Beisel

Deputy First Class Derick Clark, Huntingtown High School
Email Derick Clark

Deputy First Class Dean Naughton, Calvert High School
Email Dean Naughton

Deputy First Class Marshall Trigg, Patuxent High School
Email Marshall Trigg

Corporal Vaughn Johnson, Plum Point Middle School / Calvert Middle School
Email Vaughn Johnson

Deputy First Class Andrew Clas, Windy Hill Middle School / Northern Middle School
Email Andrew Clas

Deputy First Class Kevin Hall, Southern Middle School / Mill Creek Middle School
Email Kevin Hall