Special Tax Districts

Maryland Annotated Code, Section 4-101 and the Public Local Laws of Calvert County, Title 4 Special Taxing District, stipulates that a Homeowners Association, as defined under Maryland Homeowners Association Statutes, may petition the Calvert County Commissioners to establish a Special Taxing District (STD) to fund the cost of furnishing, providing, and maintaining community roads, drainage, lakes, canals, community-wide amenities and benefits. Calvert County has taken the position that the majority of the funds will be used strictly for roads and infrastructure.

Currently Calvert County has two STDs, The Property Owners Association of Chesapeake Ranch Estates (POACRE) and Drum Point Property Owners Association (DPPOA). Each is a large homeowners association with many miles of non-County maintained roads. Each gained the STD status in the mid to late 1990s.

A special tax district is eligible for reimbursement through Maryland Emergency Management Agency (MEMA) when emergencies are declared. They are also eligible for highway user revenue provided by the State of Maryland

The special tax district fees that each homeowner in the subdivision is expected to pay are determined by a budget that is submitted as part of the approval process. These fees are collected through the County's annual tax billing process. Revenue from the programs supports efforts to: maintain, repair, reconstruct and improve roads, improve storm water management, maintain and install safety devices, and replace infrastructure and equipment integral to the sustainability of community roads.