Living Shoreline Project


The north end of Flag Ponds Nature Park, adjacent to the Long Beach Community, has experienced extreme rates of erosion. This excessive erosion has resulted in loss of park property and damage to wildlife habitat. If not abated, the erosion will impact adjacent private property.

Calvert County has partnered with Maryland Department of Natural Resources to control the shoreline erosion at Flag Ponds Nature Park. A "living shoreline" was the erosion control strategy recommended by MD DNR.

MD DNR classified the Flag Ponds Living Shoreline Project as a top priority based on the following criteria: 1) the high rate of erosion (over 6 feet per year); 2) the proposed conceptual design protects approximately 500 linear feet of shoreline and creates approximately 10,000 square feet of marsh; and 3) it is a public recreational area, which maximizes its benefit to the surrounding communities.

Historic Shorelines at Flag Ponds (PDF)

What is a Living Shoreline?

Maryland DNR defines living shorelines as an erosion control measures that include a suite of techniques which can be used to minimize coastal erosion and maintain coastal process.

  • These techniques are used to protect, restore, enhance or create natural shoreline habitat.
  • Techniques may include the use of fibre coir logs, sills, groins, breakwaters or other natural components used in combination with sand, other natural materials and/or marsh plantings.
  • Living shorelines incorporate as many natural elements as possible which create buffers against shoreline erosion.

Flag Ponds Living Shoreline Project

PURPOSE: To provide protection to an eroding shoreline through the design and eventual construction of a climate resilient, functional and economic living shoreline project, with a minimum life expectancy of 15-years.

Design Documents submitted for permits (PDF)
Permit Report (PDF)

Environmental Concerns: Flag Ponds Nature Park Shoreline Erosion (PDF)


Timeline for actual construction will be determined by permit restrictions and construction methodology.

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