Bringing Home a New Pet

Bringing home a new pet, whether it is a foster or a new family member, can be exciting but also stressful for your resident animal(s). Here are some tips to make the transitions easier and hopefully more positive! If at any point you feel uncomfortable supervising your animals' first meeting, seek the help of a professional relationship-based animal trainer.


Before leaving your animals alone, be confident no bodily harm will occur to either animal! Better safe than sorry!

  1. Introducing Cats
  2. Introducing Dogs
  3. Introducing a Dog and Cat

Steps for Introducing New Cats

  1. Before introducing your new cat, create a space for him/her equipped with food, water, scratching post, litter box and resting place so each cat has its own territory.
  2. Also be sure to provide hiding places for both cats. Cardboard boxes with holes is an easy DIY.
  3. As soon as you bring home your new cat, place it in the space you created for them.
  4. Strictly monitor the interactions between the cats and never allow them to be alone until you feel they are comfortable with each other.
  5. Be sure to spend quality time with each cat in your home.
  6. A stressed-out cat may have these symptoms:
    1. Aggressive behavior
    2. Decreased appetite
    3. Excessive hiding or vocalization
    4. Urinating outside of the litter box

If your cat stops eating or is experiencing any of these behavioral concerns, consult a veterinarian.