Flood Mitigation Plan

We’re updating our Flood Mitigation Plan!

Now available! Draft Flood Mitigation Plan. Click here to read the draft as of January 18, 2024

This draft is under development. Please contact Amalia Pleake-Tamm with feedback.

Approximately 11% of Calvert County is within the Special Flood Hazard Area. 

The Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 enables communities to access post-disaster funding if they’ve developed pre-disaster mitigation plans. Calvert County’s current Flood Mitigation Plan is from 2011 and is in the process of being updated to better protect properties from rising sea levels and heavier precipitation events. Better mitigation efforts can result in lower flood insurance rates for Calvert property owners. Calvert’s Flood Mitigation Plan is incorporated into our overall Hazard Mitigation Plan.

In addition to the countywide flood mitigation plan, Calvert County prepared a 2020 tidal flooding plan in response to the Sea Level Rise Inundation and Coastal Flooding Act. Additionally, two communities adopted specific plans: Cove Point (2014) and Broomes Island (2016).

Flood Mitigation Plan Update

The Calvert County Flood Mitigation Plan (PDF) is currently being updated. Calvert County hazards were last examined in 2016. Two slideshows presented at a public meeting held on November 28, 2016 were Hazard Identification and Vulnerability Assessment by Michael S. Scott PhD (PDF) and 2016 All-Hazards Mitigation Plan and Flood Mitigation Plan Update Deepa Srinivasan (PDF).

Important Dates

The Calvert County Department of Planning and Zoning will hold two public meetings to accept public input regarding the draft Floodplain Mitigation Plan in Calvert County. If you experience tidal flooding, frequent flooding after rain or are worried about property damage, we encourage you to attend. An updated Flood Mitigation Plan can help to lower flood insurance rates and protect property facing rising sea levels.

National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)

Calvert County participates in a federal insurance program that offers reduced flood insurance rates and disaster funding in return for Calvert proactively reducing flooding risks. Calvert County does this through zoning regulations (cite) and public education. FEMA periodically updates Flood Insurance Rate Maps and Calvert’s were last updated in 2013; digital FIRMs are available here and delineate Calvert County into different flood-risk zones, including the Special Flood Hazard Area.