Report a Bite or Scratch

According to local and state laws, a report must be filed with the Health Department for the animal bite/scratch/exposure. In order to file this report and to assist the Animal Control officer conducting the investigation, please fill out as much information as pertains to you. If the event occurred outside of Calvert County, the information can be sent to the appropriate jurisdiction. Please fill out the below information:

Bite/Scratch/Exposure Information Form

  1. Biting/Scratching Animal Information

  2. Biting/Scratching Animal Owner's Information

  3. Human Victim Information - If not human enter N/A

  4. Victim's Sex at Birth
  5. Animal Victim Information - If not an animal enter N/A

  6. Animal's Rabies Vaccination Record if Available
  7. Animal Victim Owner's Information

  8. Person or Facility Reporting

  9. Has the Victim Received Medical Care?
  10. Are You the Bite/Scratch Victim?
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